Create Amazing Looks with Stylish Cardigans

This winter cardigan must have for every woman’s closet because of its versatility. You can wear it in variety of styles to look cool and chic.

Put on a cardigan over a t shirt and pair it with jeans. Pair a bright color t shirt with a muted color cardigan.

Stylish Cardigan

For your more stylish look wrap a belt around the exterior of the cardigan to figure out your waist line.

Cardigan with Belt

Pick out the long cardigan and wear in open front style, pair it with skinny jean for a rocker chic look.

Stylish Long Cardigan

Look classic with cropped waist cardigan and incorporate some embellishment such as brooch, when going for wedding or holiday party.

Cardigan with Brooch

You can also wear cardigan in place of a suit blazer. Wear cardigan over a white shirt and pair it with trouser pants.

Cardigan with Trouser Pant

Be careful while choosing accessories to pair with cardigan. If you are planing to wear buttoned cardigan, avoid to wear long necklace, bold chunky jewelry. Stud earrings, bracelet and pendant look stylish.

Buttoned Cardigan


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